Hello, I’m Maggie and welcome to my blog Maggie Lois!

This is not my first blog rodeo. When my fiancé, Corey, and I moved into our first home together three years ago I decided to start my first blog, Polka Dots in the Country. Obsessed with Pinterest I wanted to be one of the people that contributed to all those awesome ideas. My most popular post on that blog was probably the Ikea charging station. I loved blogging but I got a job that was pretty demanding on my time so I let the blog go. 

I missed blogging and all the awesome bloggers I had met through Polka Dots in the Country so I decided to start a new blog, Louise at Home. My friend Angie and I started doing wood projects together and we thought it would be fun to come up with a name for ourselves. We decided to go with Franny and Louise, which are our car’s names. Since I mainly shared home related things, I decided to call that blog Louise at Home. According to my Hometalk stats my hanging dog toy storage was the most popular post. Same type of thing happened with Louise too. Work and life got busy and since blogging was just a hobby, whenever I felt like I didn’t have time, it was the first thing to fall by the wayside.

So here I am, starting another blog.

After reading all that you might be thinking “why in the hell is she doing this again, she already had two and couldn’t keep up with that”. That’s a good question, and my answer is I really love doing this. Except this time, things are gonna be a little different.

With my first two blogs, they were mainly all about home diy, decor, all that fun stuff. This blog will include plenty of that, trust me. But I love a lot of other things too; makeup, skincare, fashion, food, lots of food, then learning workouts to burn off all that food. That’s why I simply named this blog Maggie Lois. I want this blog to be about everything I’m in to.

I hope you enjoy everything I have to share, feel free to stay and look around. If you have any questions for me, you can find my contact info here.