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TGIF- Friday Favorites

Whew, we made it!

I don’t know why short work weeks take longer than regular work weeks but it’s Friday and the first week of the New Year is coming to an end.

I’m linking up with four awesome bloggers to share five random things that have gone on this week.

Linking up with:

April at Smidge of This for Five on Friday, Karli at September Farm for Oh Hey Friday, Amanda at Meet at the Barre for Friday Favorites and Erika at A Little Bit of Everything for Friday Favorites.

Let’s get started!

Number One I am back to blogging! I’ve actually had two other blogs before starting Maggie Lois, if you want to check out my blog journey I wrote more about that here.

I wanted to start off this new blog and the new year being more in the moment/season I’m currently in. Everyone is always pushing the next thing, next holiday or whatever. It’s good to look ahead and have goals and all that jazz, but I think if you’re too focused on what’s coming up next you miss out on what’s currently going on around you.

You can click here to check out ideas for things to do in January!

Number Two

My fiancé Corey texted me out of the blue this week saying he wanted to make me dinner.

I about fell out of my chair.

I cook and I clean the dishes. So when I got that text I immediately texted him back hell yes before he could change his mind.

National Spaghetti Day was this past Wednesday so in honor of that he’ll be making me spaghetti tonight.

With some Texas toast on the side.

Pioneer Woman Spaghetti Sauce Recipe 

Number Three 

Y’all, these past four months or so have been a major struggle for me.

My OG Clarisonic stopped charging. It was tragic. 

I didn’t feel like putting the money out for a new one so I just used it like a manual face brush. When my mom asked me if I wanted anything from Ulta this Christmas I told her my Clarisonic had stopped working and it would be cool if Santa could hook me up with a new one.

Santa delivered and I finally have a working Clarisonic again.



Is anyone else out there as obsessed with their Clarionic as me? I swear, if I don’t use that thing to wash my face I just feel like I’m not as squeaky clean as I could be.

Number Four 

I signed up for Fabletics last week and my $10 outfit arrived yesterday!

Even though I work out at home I wanted to feel a little more official so I chose this sassy outfit.


I plan on trying it on later today so wish me luck.

Number Five 

I have been rocking my pink iPhone 5c for over two years now, so I decided that this week was the week I treated myself to a brand new iPhone 7 plus. It was delivered yesterday and I am in love. The screen resolution on this thing is incredible, images on this phone look better than on my MacBook. I heard the camera on this phone was a beast so I’m excited to see what this thing can do in some natural light later today.

The main thing I gotta get use to is, is the size. This phone is a Cadillac compared to my old phone.

If y’all have any tips and tricks for this phone please help a sister out!


That’s all for today folks, thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

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